Relief for Tarlov cyst at Medical City Dallas Hospital

A symptomatic meningeal (Tarlov) cyst is a rare disease, but recovery is possible. It is a dilation of the outer covering of the nerve, allowing spinal fluid to get trapped, forming a cyst. The fluid in the cyst puts pressure on adjacent nerves, causing debilitating symptoms. Tarlov cysts are most prevalent in the sacrum or base of the spine, but could occur in the neck or upper back.. The cyst is embedded in the nerve and should not be cut.

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Symptoms of a Tarlov cyst

  • Tail bone (sacrum) pain or pressure
  • Feels like you’re sitting on a rock
  • Bowel, bladder or sexual problems
  • Vaginal, rectal or abdominal pain
  • Pain and numbness in the buttocks, thighs or feet
  • Onset of pain after a fall or accident
  • History of connective tissue disorders or headaches
  • Pain, tingling or numbness in the neck or upper back

Proven medical technique

The cyst is a nerve and cannot be removed. A surgeon explores and treats each cyst under an operating microscope.

Proven results

  • 24 months following surgery, patients have statistically significant improvement in pain, physical functioning, sitting time, energy levels, emotional well-being and social functioning.”
  • 24 months following surgery, patients have statistically significant reduction in narcotic use